Planning positive; how to build a career in challenging times

If you’re in a redundancy or other negative work situation, it might seem odd to view it as an opportunity. Staying positive does take effort, so reach out for support and you'll find a good way forward to new opportunities.

Right now it might seem pretty impossible to plan your career because there are so many factors which you won’t be able to influence. So it’s a case of impacting those you can and be prepared to view everything else as an opportunity.

If you’ve found yourself in a redundancy or other potentially negative situation, it might seem inconceivable to view it as an opportunity. However, there are thousands of people who have found themselves in an undesirable career situation and then ended up in a far more positive position. Staying positive does need a lot of effort though. Ask someone you trust to help support you.

Remember you cannot choose the things that happen around you. However, you can always choose your reaction.

Even if you cannot plan the journey it’s important to have an idea of the destination: where in your life you want to be in three, five, or even ten years. This is called a life plan and it’s a really good idea to review this every year, perhaps in January, in readiness for the year ahead.

From time to time you’ll find yourself with a tricky decision to make. As an example, you might be completely determined to have a corporate sales career and then an opportunity arises to help a friend start up his new business. This could give you valuable business and entrepreneurial skills. It might also take you off track. How do you decide whether to give it a go or stick to ‘Plan A’? People are faced with these types of dilemma throughout their lives so you will need to learn how to decide.

Top tips for decision making:

  • Even worse than making the wrong decision is not to make one at all. If you make a decision that doesn’t work out then you will have progressed and learned something and can then adjust accordingly - develop this positive mindset.
  • Learn to think for yourself rather than asking ten people’s opinions and ending up even more confused (this is VERY common) - they are not you! Find one trusted mentor to help you through.
  • Take note of your ‘gut feel’ as it’s often right. Work through the ‘pros and cons.
  • Ask yourself “If I take this choice what’s the worst thing that can happen?” You’ll find that most decisions don’t involve anything life threatening or truly dangerous and, on that basis, it will be possible to manage through the outcome even if it turns out not to be what you were expecting.
  • Be brave, find your ‘inner- cheerleaders’ and let them give you more confidence and resolve: Go you! Go you! Go you!

If you’d like further advice or would like to speak to someone, please get in touch.

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